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Interview Tips

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On the day of the interview, remember to:

  • Plan your schedule so you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.

  • Go by yourself.

  • Look professional. Dress in a manner appropriate to the job.

  • Leave your MP3 player, coffee, soda, or backpack at home or in your car.

  • Turn off your cell phone.

  • Bring your sense of humor and SMILE!

Display confidence during the interview, but let the interviewer start the dialogue. Send a positive message with your body language.

  • Shake hands firmly, but only if a hand is offered to you first.

  • Maintain eye contact.

  • Listen carefully. Welcome all questions, even the difficult ones, with a smile.

  • Give honest, direct answers.

  • Develop answers in your head before you respond. If you don't understand a question, ask for it to be repeated or clarified. You don't have to rush, but you don't want to appear indecisive.

End the interview with a good impression. A positive end to the interview is another way to ensure your success.

  • Be courteous and allow the interview to end on time.

  • Restate any strengths and experiences that you might not have emphasized earlier.

  • Mention a particular accomplishment or activity that fits the job.

  • If you want the job, say so!

  • Find out if there will be additional interviews.

  • Ask when the employer plans to make a decision.

  • Indicate a time when you may contact the employer to learn of the decision.

Don't forget to send a thank-you note or letter after the interview.

Since 2012 General Labor Services has been serving both job-seekers and employers with offices in Whiteville, NC, Clinton, NC and Oxford, Pa. Connecting top-notch employees with successful companies is what we do best. We would love to partner - reach out today.

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ilse yarani gutierez sanchez
ilse yarani gutierez sanchez
Jul 11, 2023

Hello.!! I am enormously grateful to this agency, the advisers such as lic. Jessica, Karen, Miriam. They gave me support, necessary advice and thus be able to get a good job in which until today has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, learn different things and be in constant professional growth

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